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Gum rosin


    Product Definition:
Pentaerythritol resin is composited by pentaerythritol ester with modified rosin or light color rosin, and becomes irregular transparent granular solid after vacuum treatment which is widely used as viscosifier in adhesives industry. This product has excellent heat-resistance, anti-aging, good stability, compatibility, solubility, surface resistance and good color retention.
Production Feature:
1. Light color, low smell, good thermal stability
2. Greatly improve the EVA adhesive strength
3. Good oxidation resistance
4. Good solubility. It can melt in cyclohexane, toluene, xylene, petroleum ether, ester, acetone and other organic solvents
5. Good intermiscibility. It can be in the formation of a wide range of transparent system with NR, CR, EVA and other polymer.
Production Application: 
1. Hot melt adhesive: EVA glue stick, book binding glue, wood glue.
2. Hot melt coating, hot melt adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, ester gum, phenolic resin varnish.
3.Health adhesive, structural adhesive, packaging glue, cigarette adhesive, sealant, adhesive, etc.
Production Parameter:
Item specification:C9520
Color number:0-0.5
Softening point:95/100
Acid value,mg KOH/g:<20
Introduction storage time :3-6 months
Color:Water white

Item specification:Y9520
Color number:3-4
Softening point:95/100
Acid value,mg KOH/g:<20
Introduction storage time:6-12 months

Annotation: We can supply according to customers’ requirements.

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