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Laboratory kneader reactor


    Kneader is a kind of high viscosity of elastic-plastic material mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersion and polymerization of ideal equipment,it has the advantage of stir well, no dead angle, high efficiency of kneading. Kneader is widely used in high viscosity sealant, silicone rubber, CMC, adhesive, also used in battery, printing ink, paint, dye, medicine, resin, plastic, rubber, cosmetics and other industries. Kneader is made into a vacuum, pressure, atmospheric pressure, three kinds of heating cooling structure It has a jacket, outer tube, heating cooling steam, thermal oil, hot water and water cooling,etc.It adopts hydraulic cylinder and the lid.Discharge for kneader with hydraulic cylinder dumping, ball valve discharge, screw extrusion and so on.And it can be installation safety, measurement, record control instruments on kneading machine, etc. Mixing part contacting materials adopts stainless steel cylinder body, to ensure the purity of products, kneader shaft seal adopts balance chamber structure,to ensure the shaft seal, it can effectively prevent packing wear black grain into the cylinder, and ensure that the quality of the material.
Kneading machine applicable scope:
    Kneader widely used in high viscosity, high elastic and plastic materials mixing, kneading, crushing, stirring, stirring and repolymerization process with high viscosity, high elastic and plastic materials.
    Kneader is mainly used in the production of silicone sealant, silicone structural adhesive, neuter glass glue, plastic neutral mouldproof, neutral weather resistance rubber, vulcanized silicone rubber, silicone rubber, silicone resin, butyl rubber, mixing rubber, plastic, PP, PVC, PE, BMC, CMC cellulose, battery paste, printing ink, pigment, dyestuff, bubble gum, chewing gum, medical silica gel, etc
Kneader structure:
1.Kneader has two speed different Z type blade strong shear, extrusion, mixing effect and make the viscous material mix quickly.
2.Kneader can be made into normal type, pressure type, vacuum box, etc., the balance of the structure of the kneading machine chamber is the unique design of our company, 100% imported technology, quality assurance
    3.Kneader thermal control mode adopts thermal oil heating, steam, water cooling method.
    4.Turned on discharge for kneading machine with hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the dump, ball valve, screw extrusion and other material.
    5.Kneader usually takes the design scheme of constant speed, it can also be designed according to customer requirements into a frequency converter speed control.

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