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Double screw extruder


SHJ Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Perfect Extruder Type Selected
Both screw and barrels are designed according to building block principle. And ,the machine’s extensive performance and special purpose could be achieved ideally.
New Mixing And Extrusion Elements
The SHJ series extruders have newly developed screw elements for good distributive and dispersive mixing and extrusion process. The special screw elements will be greatly conducive to the even shearing stress, even axial elongation rate,and low temperature distribution. All these factors will determinately lead to the final material quality.
Novel Gearing Solution
The SHJ series extruders have unique features with a balanced shaft drive mechanism,a solution offering decisive advantage over the conventional gearing chain with a simple split of the driving torque.In the new solution the torque for the second screw is split again in half to drive two auxiliary shafts at levels above and below the second screw shank. Consequence the balanced gearing shafts have to bear the 25% torque of the overall. The extreme load ability connected with this type of gearing chain enables to work with the kind of torques required to achieve high output rates at lower screw speeds that will be decisive to the final performance of mixing polymer.
Field of application
SHJ series co-rotating twin screw extruders are mainly applied in polymer processing. To meet the increasingly demand from new materials and process, Juli has been providing more new technologies and products accordingly.
SJ Single Screw Extruder Line
Standard Single Screw Extruder
It is a general kind of extruder that is designed and developed on the traditional extrusion theory of single screw. It is widely applied in exrusion processes for a great variety of materials and acts as a main machine for different kinds of plastics products such as pipes,sheets and films.
Venting Single Screw Extruders
It is designed and developed on the extrusion theory of venting single screw. It majors in processing materials that need degassing during their extrusion. These materials include:
  1. PET/ABS/PA  for extusion.
  2. PET/ABS/PP/PE for recycling process
  3. PE/PP/ABS for modification processes like coloring.

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