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CY-65B/CY-180 Two-stage Mixing Granulator


CY-65B/CY-180 Two-stage Mixing Granulator Technical Configuration
CY-65B Twin Screw Granulator Technical Configuration:
Main Technical Parameters: suitable for processing operation: PS,HIPS,ABS,PP,PE,PC and other raw materials or new materials;
  • Production capacity requirements: 300-500kg/Hr (depending on the production capacity of the product)
  • Main technical parameters:
    a) host model: CY-65B twin screw extruder
    b) host diameter ratio is 48:1;
    c) main motor power is 90kW
    d) main engine screw speed is 60~ 600rpm;
    一、Scope of Supply of Units
No. Name Specifications and models Quantity Note
1 Twin-screw extruder CY-65B 1set Our factory
2 Double head single screw metering feeding machine,low speed CY65B 1set Our factory
3 Electrical instrument control system   1set Our factory
4 PLC Interlocking control system   1set Our factory
5 Random spare parts   1set Our factory
6 Single-screw extruder CY-180 1set Our factory
二、Assembling Unit Configuration:
A、CY-65B Twin-screw mixing extruder assembling unit,L/D is 48:1,Main motor 90kW 
1、CY-65B Twin screw meter feeding machine  1 set
1)Feeding motor is AC motor,main feeding motor power:1.5kW。
2)The speed regulating system adopts the Taiwan Dongyuan frequency converter。
3)The screw is double-thread screw,reduction gearbox speed ratio is 23:1。
4)The motor and reducer adopt direct-connected type,and the feeding body has a horizontal agitator, which is smooth and uniform,no bridging。
5)Feeding body and hopper are streamline, laying-off is smooth and easy to clean.
2、High Twist type B gear reducer
1)reduction gear ratio is 2.5:1
2)Output shaft speed is MAX600RPM
3)Input shaft speed is MAX 1500RPM
4)The gearbox deceleration and the torque distribution part are integrated into one, with parallel triaxial design, compact structure, and the distribution of deceleration torque, and the bearing of the two output diameters are NSK bearing of Japan;All gears are made of 20 CrNi2MoA, with a hard tooth surface system, and the tooth surface carburizing and quenching treatment;Precision grinding tooth processing, processing precision of 6, low noise, high transmission torque; Multi-point lubrication, ensure each motion pair keep sufficient lubrication, use cycle forced cooling unit reducer lubricating oil cooling, sealing mechanism of the new design, imported sealing ring, to ensure that the input and output shaft is excellent sealing performance.
3、Lubricating oil cooling system
1)The oil pump motor is 0.75 kW
2)lubricating oil model:Shanghai sea brand 6402 load gear oil,model 85W/90GL-4
3)condenser model:SL-411
4)Lubricating oil pump model:NB-B6
4、Main engine motor
1)main engine motor power is 90kW
2)motor rotate speed (MAX):1500rpm
1)Screw diameter:62.4mm
2)L/D is 48:1
3)The screw is building block system
4)The screw center spindle is 40 CrNiMoAlA material, the screw thread component and center spindle are involute connections,high intensity, the loading load is large,and the disassembly assembly is convenient.
5)The screw element is made of high quality 38 CrMoAlA material, high temperature vacuum quenching heat treatment.Overall hardness is HRC58~ 62.
6、Charging barrel
1)Machine barrel:the length is 240mm/section,12 sections in total,the material is 38CrMoAlA,the barrel adopts water cooling.
2)The first section is the barrel body, the sixth section is the natural exhaust barrel body, the 12th section is the extruding barrel body, the rest is the closed barrel body.
7、Heating system
Temperature control Section Charging barrel section Heating sheet type
Feed zone (All covering water Verse One No Heating
First zone
(Its front plus heat shield)
Verse Two Aluminum Casting
Second zone Verse Three Aluminum Casting
Third zone Verse Four Aluminum Casting
Fourth zone Verse Five Aluminum Casting
Fifth zone Verse Six Aluminum Casting
Sixth zone Verse Seven Aluminum Casting
Seventh zone Verse Eight Aluminum Casting
Eighth zone Verse Nine Aluminum Casting
Ninth zone Verse Ten Aluminum Casting
Tenth zone Verse Eleven Aluminum Casting
Eleventh zone Verse Twelve Aluminum Casting
  Head Aluminum Casting
The melt temperature of the material was measured with the thermal thermocouple, and the pressure sensor was used to measure the material pressure.
8.Automatic wire changer
9、Soft water circulation system
1)Soft water cooling in the machine barrel
2)The soft water tank is separated from the body for easy cleaning and maintenance
3)Imported Chock valve
4)The water pipe is treated with chromium copper plating.
5)Cooling type:water cooling
6)Cooling pump power is 0.55kW
10.Interlock control System
1)Oil lubrication system and host interlock, that is,  when the oil pump starts, can start the host.
2)Feed system and host interlock, that is, when starting the host, can start feeding machine.
3)The pressure system and the host interlock, when the overvoltage, the host and feed all stop work.
4)Electric current and host interlock, when the current is over, the host and feed all stop working.
11、Electrical control system
1) 3X380V,alternating current 50Hz.
2)Low-voltage apparatus from famous domestic DELIXI company.
3)The main motor is AC motor, 90kW Wannan logo of Anhui.
4)The main motor and material feeding is Taiwan Dongyuan frequency converter speed regulation.
5)Japan OMRON Conpany intelligent temperature controller.
6)The range of pressure gauge is 0~50Mpa.
7)Using the Dutch Chock valve.
8)Heating is controlled by temperature controller through solid-state relay, using high temperature resistance wire.
9)The electrical control cabinet controls including: temperature control system, driving system, interlocking and joint control system.
10)Intelligent full set PLC system human machine interface: this PLC has 3 COM ports, basic instruction speed is 0.35um, it’s high-speed and stabilized, high anti-jam capabilities, free combination.
11)Touch screen: using 15 inches True Color 65536 colors, multi-channel communication, USB flash disk data storage and uploading and downloading data, history tendency chart, alarm table, industrial grade display panel.

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