+ Pressure sensitive glue production line

+ Pelletizer production line

- Extruder production line

+ Kneader reactor

+ Reaction kettle

+ Road marking paint equipment

+ Coating machine production line

+ Paint production line

+ Cooling-water machine

+ Mixing machine

+ Ingot casting machine and casting granule machine

+ C5C9 copolymerized petroleum resin

+ Hydrogenated petroleum resin

+ C5 petroleum resin for road marking paint

+ C9 petroleum resin

+ C5 petroleum resin

+ Rosin resin and terpene resin

+ SIS and SBS

+ Naphthenic oil and white oil

+ Base oil and the transformer oil

+ C5 hydrocarbon resin

+ C9 hydrocarbon resin

Traction Cutting Equipment


Water tank, traction cutting equipment configuration
No. Name Standard
1 Drag cutting machine 4sets,Encoder controls length
2 Traction console 2sets,One set at the front of the sink;One set for dragger
3 Sink A304=1mm/20meters;oil groove/1meter
4 chip syringe 8 sets

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