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Stainless reaction kettle


structure characteristic:
1.transmission mechanism:motor power, speed redcucer,rack,coupling,bearing,gusset piece
2.reaction vessel:
According to the size and material response requires design pressure to determine the plate thickness,generally stainless steel.(304,321,316L),carbon(A3)
  1. heat transfer unit:jacket ,Inside dish pipe outside dish pipe etc.Using organic heat carrier loop (heat conduction oil) or steam, hot water heating; Cooling water, chilled water, cold heat conduction oil, or natural wind cooling way.
  2.  Stirring device:The impeller anchor turbine impeller impeller twin-screw stirring dispersion plate Butterfly blade etc
  3. Stirring speed:stirring speed choice depending on the material requirement of choice, in general, several liquid material to be mixed reactions generally choose 50 RPM - 85RPM If requirements have scattered powder to the fluid generally choose 500 RPM, 1500 RPM. If asked the oil emulsion in water or two incompatible liquid emulsion mixed generally choose 2500 RPM, 3500 RPM
  4. Sealing device:Mechanical seal,Packing seal
  5. The reaction kettle equipment generally conclude a distillation column, heat exchanger, water segregator, etc.
Characteristics of stainless steel reactor :
1. Stainless steel material has excellent mechanical properties. It can bear high working pressure, and withstand the feeding impact of bulk solid material.
2. It has good heat resistance and wide operating temperature range(-196—600℃). It will not be oxygen peeling at higher temperatures, so it can be used for direct firing.
3. It has high corrosion resistant performance.
4. It has good effect in heat transfer, heating and cooling fast.
5. It has excellent processing performance. According to different technical requirements, it can be made in a variety of different shapes and structures of the reactor, and can also be fine polishing.
Reactor category
Reactor series 50-10kL: stainless steel reaction, electrical heating reactor, steam reactor, coil reactor, external coil reactor, silicone oil reactor, resin reactor, auxiliary reactor, viscose reactor, crude rubber reactor, latex reactor, 107glue reactor, PU glue reactor, coated light oil reactor, shoe adhesives reactor, carpenter's glue reactor and so on.

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