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400L Reaction Kettle


400L Stainless Steel Reaction Kettle

Configuration and Quotation

一、Equipment quotation  

1)Configuration model:400L    

2)The inner wall of the reaction kettle is 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 6mm. The jacket is Q235B carbon steel with a thickness of 5mm. With upper shed and bottom head structure, the liner diameter is  800mm and jacket diameter is 900mm.Hangers installation

3)Motor power is 5.5kW,  General motor

4)Reduction gear:cycloidal-pin wheel reducerrotate speed is 63RPM

5)Stirring:Stainless steel spiral ribbon agitator,diameter of axle is 65mmThe distance from zonal spiral to the tank wall is no more than 100mm, zonal spiral width is 50mm, thickness is 5mm, the material is 304 stainless steel)

6)Mechanical seal with water jacket

7)Equipped internal and external temperature measuring points, 1 set of hot oil expansion tank, stainless steel butterfly valve, mirror, gasket, bolts, etc;

8)Electric heating:3kW Electric heating rod 6 pieces

9)Electrical control cabinet: voltmeter, motor control switch,equipped frequency converter, indicator lamp, temperature controller, power supply switch, etc;

10) The reaction kettle is insulated, the insulation material is fiberglass wool, the thickness is 50mm, and the outer layer is treated with mirror stainless steel plate

二、Heat preservation material pump(one set)

1) The pump is made of 304 stainless steel, power is 3KW, flow is 3m³/h;

2) Equipped with electric control cabinet, including voltmeter, motor control switch; Also equipped with frequency transformer,indicator light,power main switch etc.

三、Technical service

1) Professional service engineer will provide on-site installation,test running, maintennce, repair and other service. If there is problem with the equipment, we’ll provide verbal or written solution within 6 hours, if it’s still unsolved, we will dispatch staff to solve the problem on-site within 48 hours.

2) The warranty period of the main part is 12 months, if there is any problem due to the equipment’s quality within the warranty period, we are responsible to exchange or repair it. If the warranty period expires, and there is problem with the equipment which need to be repaired, we only charge for the costs of equipment accessories, no charge for labor needed;Vulnerable parts, accident damage, artificial damage,material corrosion are not included in warranty period service.

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