+ Pressure sensitive glue production line

+ Pelletizer production line

+ Extruder production line

+ Kneader reactor

+ Reaction kettle

- Road marking paint equipment

+ Coating machine production line

+ Paint production line

+ Cooling-water machine

+ Mixing machine

+ Ingot casting machine and casting granule machine

+ C5C9 copolymerized petroleum resin

+ Hydrogenated petroleum resin

+ C5 petroleum resin for road marking paint

+ C9 petroleum resin

+ C5 petroleum resin

+ Rosin resin and terpene resin

+ SIS and SBS

+ Naphthenic oil and white oil

+ Base oil and the transformer oil

+ C5 hydrocarbon resin

+ C9 hydrocarbon resin

Road marking paint production equipment


  The working principle of road marking paint production equipment: road marking paint production equipment mixed material efficient and fast,under the stirring shaft spiral belt movement makes the internal and external screw with a wide range, flipping the material within the spiral belt it will spiral out of material movement in both sides. Other part material also move to form the convective circulation. Due to the movement, the mixing material is mixing rapidly in a relatively short time. 

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