+ Pressure sensitive glue production line

+ Pelletizer production line

+ Extruder production line

+ Kneader reactor

+ Reaction kettle

- Road marking paint equipment

+ Coating machine production line

+ Paint production line

+ Cooling-water machine

+ Mixing machine

+ Ingot casting machine and casting granule machine

+ C5C9 copolymerized petroleum resin

+ Hydrogenated petroleum resin

+ C5 petroleum resin for road marking paint

+ C9 petroleum resin

+ C5 petroleum resin

+ Rosin resin and terpene resin

+ SIS and SBS

+ Naphthenic oil and white oil

+ Base oil and the transformer oil

+ C5 hydrocarbon resin

+ C9 hydrocarbon resin

Highway guardrail bending machine


  Products produced by Highway guardrail equipment with light weight, high strength, bearing great, good vibration resistance characteristics, are widely used in many areas of high-rise steel structure building.
  Highway guardrail equipment mainly consists of decoiler, leveling machine, punching machine, punching hole machine, molding host, forming cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control system, finished product bracket.
  The use of Highway guardrail forming equipment , make the highway management level greatly improved, reducing the traffic accident, to the greatest extent to ensure the safety and smoothness of the highway, truly realized the highway high speed, high efficiency, high management level.

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