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Cone type mixer blender


Cone type mixer blender
    Cone type mixer blender is usually applied in powder and granular materials, slurry mixing, stirring, or dope can be equipped with spray system, we can also designed to vacuum pressure, heating or cooling process conditions according to user requirements, it meet various process conditions of material mixing, stirring.
Main function:
1.Strong mixing effect, make the upward movement of material near the vessel wall and center downward movement of material.
2.Soft but totally to the flow of material can be mixed, a large number of materials can be achieved in a short time, mixing;
3.It can achieve high standards of mixing
4.Almost all of the material can be discharged cleanly.
1.Cantilever shaft structure,bearing end is not in contact with the material.
2.Clearance between impeller and the vessel wall is very small, in order to prevent the material bonding.
3.Standardization of the agitator drive box to ensure stable running ,and low maintenance cost

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