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Coating machine


                           coating machine
Hot melt glue coating machine
    Hot melt adhesive coating machine is a kind of machine without solvent, excluding the water, 100% of solid meltability polymer,it is solid at room temperature, heating melt to a certain degree to flow and have certain viscous liquid adhesive, coating on the base material,it usually contain complex parts and can put another base material with glue substrate composite equipment.
    Hot melt adhesive coating machine equipment is used no produce pollution components of 100% solid hot melt adhesive, it even after heating into liquid, regularly coating to the work content on the surface, in order to achieve the goal of glue. According to the different processing object, you can choose option glue, glue and rubber roll and fiber coating, and other forms of different coating.
    Due to the equipment operation is simple, reliable bonding fast, high processing efficiency, and uniform coating of glue consumption is small, do not produce pollution to the environment, accord with the current environmental protection requirements, and thus it can be used in shoes, packing, leather, paper carton, decoration, building materials, sports equipment, health supplies, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, leather, furniture and other industries.

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