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Naphthenic oil


NO-4010A naphthenic oil is obtained after three high-pressure hydrogenation process, It has special structure, no aromatics, low pour point, high viscosity, high naphthenic content, and is environmentally friendly rubber naphthenic oil products. This Product is white, clear and transparent, non-fluorescent, no smell. It is not only synthetic rubber filling oil, but also rubber processing operation oil (or softeners). Mainly used in high-end shoes, adhesives production, with SBS (thermoplastic elastomer) as the main raw material ; also widely used in NR (natural rubber), SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), BR (butadiene rubber) and EPM (ethylene-propylene rubber) and other white or colored rubber products processing. Particularly suitable for demanding color rubber products.
item Test method Quality index test result
Appearance visual Clear and transparent Clear and transparent
Color, Saybolt No. ≥ GB/T 3555 24 28
Kinematic viscosity (40℃),mm2/s GB/T 265 report 154.9
Kinematic viscosity (100℃),mm2/s 9.0-11.0 10.28
density (20℃),kg/m³ SH/T0604 report 901.8
Flash point (open),℃ ≥ GB/T 3536 210 218
Pour point,℃ ASTM  D5950 -15 —21
Aniline Point ,℃ GB/T262 report 101.4
Refractive index (20℃) SH/T 0721 report 1.4908
Viscosity - gravity constant (VGC) NB/SH/T0835 report 0.8374
UV absorption (260nm,1cmabsorption cell)≤ SH/T 0415 0.3 0.086
average molecular weight ASTM D2502 report 378
Evaporation loss (107℃,22h)  ≤ GB/T7325 0.8 /
DMSO Extract content,%
( Quality Score )≤
NB/SH/T0838 3 /
Moisture ,mg/kg SH/T0207 300 40
Carbon type analysis ,%
( Quality Score )
SF/T 0725
Aromatic carbon atom (CA)≤ 2 0
Naphthenic carbon atoms (CN) ≥ 40 49.9
Alkane carbon atoms (CP) report 50.1
White Figure Silicone analyze data
( Quality Score )
SH/T0607 _ _
Pole material nature ,%   ≤ 0.30 /
Total aromatics ,% report /
Saturated hydrocarbons ,% report /
Remark: non-dangerous goods
170kg/drum, or liquid bag .
Store in a cool dry place.
REMARK:Above information is provided without warranty , this information is believed to be correct .This information should be used to make an independent determination.

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