+ SIS and SBS

- Naphthenic oil and white oil

+ Base oil and the transformer oil

+ C5 hydrocarbon resin

+ C9 hydrocarbon resin

+ C5C9 copolymerized petroleum resin

+ Hydrogenated petroleum resin

+ C5 petroleum resin for road marking paint

+ C9 petroleum resin

+ C5 petroleum resin

+ Rosin resin and terpene resin

+ Pressure sensitive glue production line

+ Pelletizer production line

+ Extruder production line

+ Kneader reactor

+ Reaction kettle

+ Road marking paint equipment

+ Coating machine production line

+ Paint production line

+ Cooling-water machine

+ Mixing machine

+ Ingot casting machine and casting granule machine

White oil


Product Introduction
This product uses solvent refining, ketone benzene dewaxing distillate oil, two, three sections by hydrogenation refined but become. Soluble in ether, benzene, ether, paraffin wax and oil miscibility with most fat.
Colorless, tasteless non-toxic, no inflammable, explosive, has excellent stability, light resistance, chemical stability, no corrosion fiber fabric, no stimulation to the skin and has a good affinity
Plasticizing is mainly used in rubber, chemical fiber, aluminum processing, weaving, chemical, masterbatch, lubrication and textile machinery, precision instruments, compressor seal oil, cable materials, etc
Iron drum packaging
Technical index

project measurement standard 26#technical index
Test method
kinematic viscosity(40℃) ㎡/s 24.5-28.2 CB/T265
point of flammability(open mouth),not lower than 170 CB/T3536
pour point,not higher than -15 CB/T3535
color,not lower than Saybolt no. +20 CB/T3555
etching test(grade) 100℃、3H 1 CB/T5096
moisture %   CB/T206
mechanical impurities %   CB/T511
water-soluble acid or alkali     CB/T259
appearance Colorless,tasteless transparent liquid Visual

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