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Base oil


Base oil
Application range
Naphthenic base lubricating oil is widely used in light colored or colored rubber products, such as SBS (thermoplastic elastomer), NR (natural rubber), SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), BR (BR) and EPM (ethylene propylene rubber), EPDM (three EPDM), but also used in production of TPR shoe material, hot melt adhesive, sealing parts, automobile high extreme pressure lithium lubricating grease, bearing bearing grease, sintering machine grease, grease, special automobile chassis grease, HP excavator, HP3 special grease, mechanical oil, textile oil , etc. 
Performance characteristics:
Excellent rubber compatibility: Naphthenic base lubricating oil is of suitable aromatics content and high cyclane content, so it has excellent compatibility with rubber and can fill a not in rubber, thus greatly reduced the production cost of rubber products.
Excellent oil filled rubber properties: Excellent compatibility makes it easier and more effective to prevent the rubber additives ejected in products making process, thus make the oil filled rubber  products exhibit excellent good mechanical properties 
Storage and protection
Naphthenic base lubricating oil should try to be transported with special line, and should carefully clean and inspect the vessels, tanks, pipelines, valves and so on, to prevent pollution.
Storage containers must be exclusive, away from light and storage in indoor or controlled climate conditions;
Storage containers must be waterproof, moisture proof, and prevent the mechanical impurity entry;
In the course of transportation, the product must be marked obviously to prevent the mixing of other kinds of petroleum products.

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