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Transformer oil


Transformer oil
Transformer oil is composed of moderately refined low viscosity, low pour point naphthenic base oil and high quality anti oxygen composite additives, it has properties of rapid heat transfer , good oxidation stability and excellent electrical performance, etc.
Transformer oil is combinated proportionally of moderately refined naphthenic base oil , high pressure hydrogenated paraffin and high-quality composite additives. It has advantages of moderate naphthenic transformer oil aromatics content, high naphthenic hydrocarbon content, dissolved sludge properties and good carrying condensate gas performance, with the above advantages, the transformer oil overcomes the defect of paraffin isomerization dewaxed oil, similar to the intermediate base transformer oil.
Application range:
Recommended for transformers and other electrical equipment with voltage level below 220KV.
Performance characteristics:
1.  Excellent electrical insulation performance, high breakdown voltage, low dielectric loss factor, can effectively prevent the discharge of high voltage electric field and power loss;
2.  Suitable low viscosity, can provide effective cooling and heat transfer and low temperature start-up;
3.  Good anti gas analysis performance, effectively prevent the air gap discharge, ensureing safe operation;
4.  Strong dissolved sludge property can dissolve the sludge, which produced during the electrical equipment operation, and can avoid the destruction of the insulation material and limited the effect of heat transfer, prolonging the running time of transformer;
5.  The transformer does not produce sulfur corrosion, does not contain any PCBs, its environmental friendly.

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