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SIS is a styrene-isoprene-styrene mixture of triblock copolymer and diblock copolymer produced via proprietary sequential anionic polymerization, linear structure, contains of diblock ratio about 50%.    Form is porous particle with outstanding thermal  stability and melt  process ability,is easier to be processed and mixed than SBS,with small  solution viscosity.It is with good original adhesion and good color bleeding resistance,mainly used in hot  melt pressure sensitive adhesive for label and tape.
Typical Value
Polymer performance Test method Unit Typical Value
Styrene Content   Wt.% 16
Diblock Ratio
  Wt.% 50
Melting Flow Rate CB/T 3680-2000 G/10min 10
Toluene Solution Viscosity[   MPa .s 700
Volatiles CB/T 24131-2009 Wt.% 0.15
Ash CB/T 4498-2013 Wt.% 0.1
Physical performance      
Tensile Strength CB/T 528-2009 MPa 6
Elongation at Break CB/T 528-2009 % 1300
Hardness CB/T 531-2008 Shore A 28

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