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Rubber Powder for Asphalt


The rubber modified asphalt and SBS asphalt contrast:
In rubber modified asphalt,the rubber powder content is 15-20%, at the same time the carbon black components of rubber powder has reinforcing effect on asphalt.While the conventional SBS dosage is 3.8 to 4.5% in the SBS modified asphalt, thus the high temperature stability, the rutting resistance and fatigue resistance performance of the  rubber modified asphalt is superior to SBS modified asphalt.It improves the durability performance and service life of the pavement. It can see from the determination of stiffness modulus, Marshall stability, flow value,composite fatigue performance indicators of asphalt mixture. (SBS modified asphalt is a very good material, if SBS dosage is more than 4.5%, the road performance will be also very good, but as the price competition, no manufacturer can do that, so leading to the road performance is not good). The rubber powder in asphalt content is high, good elasticity, improve the pavement of fatigue crack, reflection crack resistance ability, it is better than the conventional SBS modified asphalt.
    Rubber modified asphalt mixture "water damage resistance is superior to the conventional SBS modified asphalt (SBS dosage is 3.8 to 4.5%), it can verify by freeze-thaw splitting strength test.
SBS modified asphalt physical indexes meet the requirement of JTGF40-2004 standard, and the physical index of rubber modified asphalt is less than conventional SBS modified asphalt, but the actual use effect is better than that the conventional SBS modified asphalt road.
Solid particles of rubber modified asphalt products is tiny (mainly inorganic filler in the waste rubber powder raw material), and the present state of peptizing, little precipitation, no solid rubber particles in the finished product. So the mixture oil stone ratio is slightly higher than SBS modified asphalt, it is 5.0% - 6.0%.
Both rubber modified asphalt and SBS modified asphalt possesses the advantages of no precipitation, not separation. In the construction,the viscosity is moderate,the asphalt mixture mixing, paving, rolling and other construction technology in accordance with conventional SBS modified asphalt mixture.Only the construction temperature 5 ℃ higher than the SBS modification. The rubber modified asphalt concrete construction technology: paving temperature at 160 ℃ to 175 ℃, initial rolling temperature at 155 ℃ to 170 ℃, the use of heating temperature at 170 ℃ to 180 ℃.
Powder contains a large number of protective agent and its mixture with cement membrane, improve the anti-aging performance of the mixture, so aging resistance is better than that of SBS modified asphalt.Waste rubber modified asphalt mixture "low-temperature anti-cracking performance is superior to conventional SBS modified asphalt (SBS dosage is 3.8 to 4.5%), it can verified by measuring the resistance of  low temperature bending. 

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