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C5 hydrocarbon resin


C5 petroleum resin is also called Fat Hydrocarbon Resin. Its average molecular is 1000 - 2500. Light yellow granular solid. It has good increase viscosity, heat resistance, stability, water resistance, acid and alkaline. Good compatibility with phenolic resin, terpene resin, coumarone resin, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, etc, especially with styrene butadiene rubber (SBR).  It is combustible and non-toxic.

Production Feature:
    Better fluidity and can improve the wetting of thematic material.
    Have better glutinosity and distinguished initial adhesion performance.
    Excellent anti-aging property.
    Cohesion strength and peel strength to achieve the best balance.
    Light color.
    Transparent, low smell and low volatileness.
Production Application:
1. Mainly used in hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (such as a variety of packaging tape, label, double-sided adhesive tape, protection tape, hygiene items, etc.), hot melt adhesive (such as rapid packaging adhesive, bookbinding glue, rubber wood processing, all kinds of glue stick, etc.).
2. Product hot melt traffic paint with the characteristics of light color, anti yellowing and good thermal stability . Within the limited typical construction temperature which required by the traffic paint, the resin have many advantages, such as good viscosity stability, consistency, coating adhesion, high hardness, good abrasion resistance and anti pollution, etc.
3. It can improve the properties of adhesive in different degrees (high shear strength, good liquidity, good ageing resistance, light color, high transparency, let the initial viscosity and cohesive strength, open timeand curing time get good balance). Hot melt adhesive can be produced when it matched again with tackifier, viscosity regulator and antioxidant.
Production Parameter:
Item Specification: C5M-4095A
Softening Point ℃:95
Note: C9copolymerized C5 petroleum resin
Application:Hot melt adhesive、Pressure sensitive adhesive、Packaging tape、Rubber mixing

Item Specification: C5P-4100
Softening Point ℃:100
Note:Pure C5 petroleum resin
Application:Hot melt traffic paints
Note: We can produce products according to customer’s demands

Item Specification: C5R-4100
Softening Point ℃:100
Note:Road Marking Paint
Application:Hot melt traffic paints
Note: We can produce products according to customer’s demands

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