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C9 cold polymerized petroleum resin


C9 cold polymerized petroleum resin , especially refers to resin made from nine carbon atoms olefins or cycloolefin polymerization, or polymerized with aldehydes, aromatics, terpenes and other compounds .

Take C9C-7-140A for example :

Color No(50% toluene ) Max11
Softening point ℃ 130-140
Acid value(KOH) mg/g Max0.5
Ash content % Max0.06
Bromine value gBR/100g Max35


Coating: petroleum resin can be blended with various drying oil to produce paint, adding various kinds of resin and pigment to obtain all sorts of color coating which are widely used in the surface coating of vehicles, ships and bridges. Greatly improved the paint film’s gloss, hardness, water resistance, alkali resistance and reduce the production cost.
Rubber : petroleum resin is suitable for being the additive of synthetic rubber. It can improve the forming operation, increase the hardness and elasticity of the product. Due to the strength and aging resistance of the improved rubber, this kind of resin is particularly suited to be softener of SBR rubber and used in the production of rubber hose, triangle and tires.
Adhesive: petroleum resin has good cohesiveness. It is preferable tackifier in adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. Used in the production of plywood, wall paper and leather with adhesive to improve the water resistance of the adhesive. Because of its solidification shrinkage small, can be applied to the casting industry.
Ink: petroleum resin has many performance, such as water resistance, refractory consumption and dry resistance. Adding petroleum resin in printing ink has many effect such as showing color, fast drying, blasting and improve printing performance, so that it can produce all kinds of printing ink.


25 kg craft paper bags, big bags of 500kgs.


Pelletized forms of resins may block or lump in hot weather climates or if stored near heat sources. Inside Storage is recommended and keep at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.

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