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Copper ingot casting machine


This production line is composed of two units: casting unit and stacking unit. All the data are as follows:
Ⅰ.Casting machine
   1.Casting machine composes of rack,drive,transmission,mold,shunting,cooling and other parts.
     1)The frame composes of channel steel welding.
     2)Drive composes of frequency conversion motor, deceleration machine.
     3)The transmission composes of chain wheel and chain.
     4)Mold material is QT450-10.
     5)Shunting composes of splitter and splitter plate.
     6)Cooled by water pipes, pumps, valves.
   2. The main technical parameters
1) Main engine (length * width * height))/mm 27000*100*1600
2)The copper ingot size/mm Rectangular angle frustum:
big side:450*120±5
small side:390*60±5
3)The mould speed Speed Promise
4)The motor power/kW 5.5
5)Mould quantity/Peice 300
   3. Detailed quotation
No. Name Unit Quantitiy Price
1) Rack segment 5  
2) Drive part set 1  
3) Transmission part set 1  
4) Mold piece 300  
5) Shunting part set 1  
6) Cooling part set 1  
7) Control part set 1  
8) Mold fee      
9) Total      

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