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Aluminium alloy casting granule machine


Aluminum alloy casting granule machine
Equipment Application:
    Aluminum alloy casting granule machine is used for automatic control in the production of various shapes of aluminum granule, this machine can meet the requirements of continuous production per day 24 hours.
Craft Process:
    Liquid aluminum was injection in the package and split evenly into the aluminum  grain mould with splitter plate system.Then the water spray proceeds cooling on aluminum particles and makes it consolidation forming.
Equipment Features:
    Casting machine adopts straight chain movement,aluminum mould manufactured with globular graphite cast iron,driving part adopts frequency control of motor speed, motor power 5.5 KW,stable operation,power is enough.Demoulding adopts pneumatic hammer,demoulding highly.
Equipment Composition:
    Casting machine mainly include the frame part, drive part, transmission part, mould parts, shunt parts, vibration and cooling part.
Technical Parameter:
motor power Mainframe: 5.5KW,   auxiliary engine :0.25KW
running speed 0-3.04m/min,0-17 mould min
production capacity 1-1.5t/h
Casting way Automatic Dispensing
Cooling way  water cooling
electrical requirement 380V/3   /50HZ

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