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SZ-1 Blender Mixer Technology Configuration


SZ-1 Blender Mixer Technology Configuration
Part I: Equipment Overview
I. Equipment name: double cone mixer
II. Equipment model: SZ-1
III. Amount of devices: 1 set
IV. Equipment use: used for powder mixing
V. Basic requirements:
A. 500 L material/batch mixing in one machine, and the mixing process does not carry any impurities
B. Equipment barrel is made of 304 stainless steel, and the surface layer is polished.There is no mixing dead angle and it does not stick materials.
C. Reasonable and advanced equipment design, stable operation, good reliability, simple operation and less noise than 65dB.
Part II: Equipment Performance
I. Equipment technical parameters:
1. The total volume of mixing barrel is 1000L and the material handling capacity is 500L.
2. Equipment main motor power is 5.5 kw.
3. The time of mixing material is set from 0 to 999 minutes, and timing shutdown.
4. Power supply: 380V/220V/ 50Hz.
II. Technical description of main parts
1. The voltage of the main motor of the device is 380V/three phase, and the rated output power of the motor is 5.5 kw, which adopts Nanjing Keyuan motor.
2. The total volume of mixing barrel is 1000L and the effective volume is 500 L. The loading capacity is 350 kg (Calculate the material loose density by 0.7). The barrel thickness adopts 4mm 304 stainless steel plate, and barrel body is installed with stainless steel reinforcing plate, stiffener for reinforcement.
3. The frame material is the shape steel, the bottom plate is covered with A3 steel plate, so that it can be cleaned conveniently. The whole frame is smooth inside and outside, the surface layer is made of anti-rust treatment, and the skin layer is treated with spray paint.
4. The angle of the barrel is adjustable before discharging (Using the electric control of the barrel body discharging angle). Feeding hole and discharge port is controlled by the same DN200 pneumatic butterfly valve.
5. The main shaft on both ends of the mixing barrel keeps the absolute concentricity, so that the equipment runs smoothly and can avoid damage to the bearing, then at the same time it also extends the service life of the bearing.
6. The dynamic balance of the mixture is good without impact, the barrel body can turn positively.Barrel speed is no less than 18r/min, working noise is below 60dB.
7, The reduction gear adopts Changzhou Guomao spindle wheel swinging reducer. The motor and reducer adopt direct connection, which can avoid mechanical damage and reduce the working noise. The transmission part adopts complete close structure with no dust pollution.
8. The equipment is well insulated and the operation is sensitive. The equipment can be installed additionally with the foot screws to reduce the vibration.
9. The digital setting of the mixing time is 0 ~999 minutes, with timing shutdown and giving an alarm.It can automatically open butterfly valve for feeding.
10. The electric appliance uses Chint electric, and the equipment is controlled by random control.

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