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DT-3 Bucket Elevator


DT-3 Bucket Elevator Technology Configuration
1. Main motor voltage is 380V/three-phase, the rated output power of motor is 2.2 kw.
2. The standard handling capacity of the machine is 2T/h, and the upper material height is matched with the mixer.
3. The upper, middle and lower section chassis and transmission drum are all made of stainless steel 304.
4. The hopper is made of stainless steel 304, with a total volume of 100L and made with 2mm 304 mirror stainless steel.
5. The lower section of the transmission drum has the function of tightening belt, which can adjust the tightness of the belt.
6. The driving power is small, and It adopts inflow feeding, inductive discharging, large capacity hoppers intensive arrangement. There is hardly any material feeding and digging phenomenon during material lifting, so the ineffective power is less.
7. Wide range of lifting. This kind of elevator has less requirements in species and characteristics of the materials. it not only can lift the general powder, small granular materials, and can lift large abrasive materials.The elevator has good sealing and less environmental pollution.
8. Good running reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods, ensure the reliability of the operation of the whole machine.
9. High lifting height and smooth operation of the elevator, thus it can achieve higher lifting height.
10. With long service life, the feeding of the elevator is in the form of inflow. Without the need to use the scoop, there is very little squeeze and collision between materials.
11. The machine is designed to ensure that the materials are not scattered during feeding and discharging, reducing the mechanical wear.

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