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Titanium dioxide


Titanium dioxide
This product is the zirconium and aluminum coated inorganic and organic agents on the surface modification, uniform particle size distribution is moderate, excellent whiteness, dispersion, gloss, hiding power, weather resistance and other characteristics, suitable for most applications,it is a kind of multi-functional, general-purpose rutile type titanium pigment,it can be widely used in paint, printing ink, paint, leather, color printing ink, plastic, rubber and other fields.
Quality standard Quality requirement
Titanium dioxide content,% ≥94
亮度,% ≥98
oil absorption,g/100g ≤20
water suspension PH 6.5-8.5
lightening power(Reynolds number) ≥1850
Rutile Content,% ≥98
oil-dispersing property(Hague number) ≥6
residue on sieve(45μm),% ≤0.02
electrical resistivity,Ωm ≥80
Application Area
printing ink(solvent type,metal decorating)
Leather, color paste
25kg Paper-plastics compound bag
Products indicators will be subject to inspection report

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