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Road marking paint C5 petroleum resin


C5R series C5 petroleum resins used in hot melt road marking paint, can enhance the paint toughness, strength and adhesion, and form a smooth finish. By adding additives, the resin in the year remain at a stable state ,and have a good compatibility with rosin resins. In the complex of high-grade paint, can make paint film form water resistance, UV resistance, chemical properties, and make it look bright and significantly improve drying properties .
Outstanding advantages:
1. Light color, good liquidity, good thermal stability, fast drying
2. The filler uniformly dispersed without settling, high wear resistance
3. Other properties such as weathering resistance, stain resistance, leveling, adhesion are also excellent
4. The main purposes: hot melt road marking paint
Color Grade 8-13
Softening Point (R&B  ℃) 70-120
Acid Number (KOH mg/g) Max0.1
Ash content % Max0.1
Iodine value GLz/100g 30-150
25 kg craft paper bags, big bags of 500kgs.
Storage in ventilated, cool, dry place.

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