-Petroleum Resin

-Rubber/Plastic Raw Material&Oil

-Chemical/Rubber/Plastic Equipment

   Laizhou Chiyuan Industry And Trade Co.,Ltd.,is a professional petroleum resin sales company, and a professional rubber and plastic equipment manufacturing and sales company.
  Our petroleum resin possess a strict quality management system. Products are checked by strict quality inspection so they have reliable quality, wide application range, good applicability, and competitiveness factory price. 
  Our products of petroleum resin are widely used in adhesives, road marking paint, furniture adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, sealing glue, paint and ink industry.
  Our chemical rubber and plastic equipment, is with characteristics of high automation, stable quality, and competitive price.
  Main machine include pressure sensitive adhesive production equipment, granulator, extruder, kneader, reactor, road marking equipment, coating machine and paint equipment.
  Our products of chemical rubber equipments are widely used in chemical industry, rubber, plastics, adhesives, paint and other products industry.
  Our petroleum resin products include:
C5C9 co-polymer petroleum resin;
     C5C9 co-polymer M4100
     C5C9 co-polymer M3100S
     C5C9 co-polymer M4120
Hydrogenated petroleum resin;
    Hydrogenated C9 petroleum resin
    Hydrogenated C5 petroleum resin
    DCDP Hydrogenated C9 petroleum resin
    DCDP Hydrogenated C5 petroleum resin
Road marking paint C5 petroleum resin;
    Modified C5R-4100C C5
    Piperylene C5C5R-4100B
    Tianium dioxide

    DCDP Hydrogenated C9 petroleum resin
    DCDP Hydrogenated C5 petroleum resin
C9 petroleum resin;
     Hydrogenated C9 petroleum resin
     DCDP Hydrogenated C9 petroleum resin
     C9 cold polymerized petroleum resin
     C9 heat polymerized petroleum resin
C5 petroleum resin;
     C5 petroleum resin
     Styrene modified C5 petroleum resin
     Hydrogenated C5 petroleum resin
     DCDP Hydrogenated C5 petroleum resin
     Road marking paint C5 petroleum resin
    Naphthenic oil
    White oil
    Styrene modified terpene resin
    Terpene phenolic resin
    Gum rosin(pinus massoniana锛
    Water white rosin resin
    Yellow rosin resin
Chemical rubber and plastic equipment include:
Pressure sensitive adhesive production line;
Pressure sensitive adhesive production line
   Automatic pressure sensitive adhesive packaging line
   Pressure sensitive adhesive packaging film
   Pressure sensitive adhesive reactor
   Underwater granulator
   Hot melt granulator
   Rubber and plastic granulator
   Foam granulator
   Air-cooled Hot-cut Granulator
   TPU granulator
   Double-screw extruder
   Hot melt adhesive glue production line
   Single screw extruder
   Hot melt glue kneader
   Rubber and plastic kneader
   Stainless steel kneader
   Laboratory kneader
  Hot melt glue reactor
  Stainless steel reactor;
  Laboratory reactor
  Electric heating reactor
Road marking paint equipment;
  Road marking paint production equipment
  High-speed guardrail bending machine
  Automatic type road marking machines
  Walking type road marking machines
Coating machine
production line ;
  Coating machine
  Hot melt glue coating machine
  Full-automatic coating machine
Paint production line;
  Paint production line
  The whole set paint equipment

We can provide professional service of petroleum resin and chemical rubber and plastic equipment, sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you.